Be ... In ... Love


What does it mean to "be in love"?  When we hear that phase, don't most of us think of romantic love?

In a session a couple of weeks ago, I heard this phrase in a beautiful new way, as in ... "a state of being" ... IN .... love.  Immersed in love.  Surrounded by love.  Existing in a state of love.  Choosing to "be" love.

What happens to you when you allow yourself to "be" in love this way?   I've been playing with this and have noticed I immediately feel less tense.  My face, eyes and chest soften.  My perspective shifts.  I breathe.  I feel less stressed.  More open.  Less disconnected.  More clear.  And more hopeful. 

This little pearl of wisdom reminded me of a first-time meeting I had with someone who was in one of my circles, yet very deliberately was choosing not to interact with me when we all got together.  While I had undiminished (mostly) to a state of being compassionate and understanding (by "getting over myself" and realizing this wasn't about me ... part of my own Point of You), others in the circle felt very uncomfortable and began pressuring her to "get over it."  When she secretly asked me to coffee and said she wanted to propose something, I got nervous.  While I knew in my heart this was an opening and a good thing no matter what(!), I felt surprisingly unsafe, and "diminished me" instantly started creating stories.  After wrestling to recover "undiminished me," I finally found my tool.  No matter what, I can "just be love."  Ah, suddenly I felt totally at ease.  Safe.  Empowered.  Hopeful.  It turns out she wanted to apologize, to let me know what had been going on for her, and to ask for understanding and forgiveness.  I got to see that, indeed, her distance hadn't really been about me.  And she got to see that she'd had my understanding and forgiveness all along.  And we both got to "be" in love, together (smile).

What if we all had the awareness to choose and practice existing in a state of love?
When we feel frustrated ... choose a state of being in love.
When we feel hurt ... be in love.
When we feel embarrassed ... be in love.
When we feel angry ... be in love.
When we feel misunderstood ... be in love.
When we don't understand others ... be in love. 
And when we encounter others not being in love ... draw the line ... and ... be in love.

I'll admit, this will take committed practice and presence! 
I'm in ... love.  Are you? 
Let's co-conspire!