Your Stories: Amy Daileda - "Express Your Vibrant Nature"

Amy Daileda , Designer, Vivid Element

Amy Daileda, Designer, Vivid Element

When Amy and I met, she had a successful hat business called Daisy Rock, and she was feeling the desire to “do” more.  She had designed a few skirts and tops and was considering re-branding but wasn’t sure.

We “uncovered” that her point of you phrase is “be little.”  Amy LOVES the tiny details, and her life and designs are filled with this love. The beauty of nature’s shapes and colors — from tiny flowers to stars and planets — are her passion, as well as limiting her impact on the planet, by growing much of what she eats in her own garden and riding her bike everywhere (rain or shine), and by hand-dying eco-friendly fabrics and incorporating the beautiful leftover pieces (the scraps often thrown away by others) into many of her designs.  To Amy, it’s the tiny details that make something truly special.  The greatest value is found in the tiniest of elements.

The first time we wrote Vivid Element at our re-branding beach retreat.

The first time we wrote Vivid Element at our re-branding beach retreat.

The first time we wrote Vivid Element was during a work retreat at the beach. After a couple hours of brainstorming, the name hadn’t come to us yet, but we could feel we were close. We went to the beach, to just “be” in nature … and then breakthrough!  There’s a Serbian proverb that, for me, perfectly captures the possibility that Amy stands for:

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”

Amy is by nature incredibly humble.  It was the nobility part, we discovered, that she denies herself … the way in which she unknowingly diminishes herself.  Her self-diminishing became apparent when we moved into the re-branding work.  While today, she fully resonates with her new brand name and tagline — Vivid Element: Express Your Vibrant Nature — at that time, from a diminished state of “belittling herself,” it was scary to own it. And she almost didn’t.

She brought three potential new business names to the BizDesign Group she participated in.  She liked Vivid Element but still was leaning toward something that felt safer.  Of the group, only one person (who had just rebranded with me, too) picked Vivid Element, and the others picked the one she was leaning toward.  To her credit, she realized this result was surprisingly disappointing. Secretly, she had hoped they would pick Vivid Element.

In hindsight we see that she didn’t feel confident picking the name for herself and was hoping others would “give her permission” to choose this more bold name. They didn’t pick it for her because she wasn’t fully showing them her own vibrant nature, yet.  Hah!  She realized that the “safer” name didn’t excite her, where as Vivid Element did!  She chose to let herself “be humble and be noble.” With this bold choice she models for all of us how to have the courage to undiminish and step more fully, with humility, into our own nobility.

New Vivid Element branding on tags. 

New Vivid Element branding on tags. 

In her own words:

“Getting to the heart of what matters to me, and changing my business name and branding to more confidently communicate it, was a huge step forward to my business and my creativity.  For me, Vivid Element is a constant reminder to express myself as boldly and fully as possible.  It’s great to have a new business name to grow into, instead of one I’ve grown out of.”

Kudos to Amy for liberating her point of you and leading her life’s Revolution!  To see how she’s “living it,” check out her website, follow her on Instagram, and sign up for her newsletter … and be inspired to express your vibrant nature!