How Is Your Subconscious Mind Limiting Your Potential?

I recently read a post by Bob Nease on entitled: Your Brain Is On Autopilot More Than You Think—Here's How to Wake It Up.  Subtitle: "It isn't that we're making bad decisions. More often, we aren't even aware there's a decision to make."

The following bit of info really grabbed my attention:  "Of the 10 million bits of information that each of our brains process each second, only about 50 bits are devoted to deliberate thought—in other words, 0.0005%. (...) That means (...) our brains leave it up to our unconscious to make the vast majority of choices about our behaviors."

Wow!  This backs up what I'm seeing in the work we do together every day, namely that:
#1 Our most painful vulnerabilities live in and, when triggered, control our subconscious minds; and
#2 When we're in this fearful "state of being," our subconscious minds see only limited possibilities and potential; and
#3 This limited view of possibility subconsciously directs choices we make in our lives and leads us to manifest our deepest fears coming true (and/or a lot of fighting against it happening).

For example, I've become aware that my subconscious mind tells me that I'm never doing enough to be of enough value to have a right to exist, and I don't know what I'm doing anyway, so I just need to go away.  This leads me to "over do," in an effort to "be" enough, and ends up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, because others don't want to have to do as much as I do and/or because I run myself into the ground.  It leads me to choose not take care of myself and then resent that I don't get to.  And it leads me to choose not to give myself space to "be"—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—which makes me feel "too big" and makes me not want to eat in order to feel smaller.  Fortunately, I've become aware of these self-defeating and self-limiting belief patterns, so when they show up, I now can see the possibility to make more self-respecting choices instead.

"Liberating the point of v-you" means we get to bring our diminished states of being into our consciousness, so we can "get over our self-disrespecting-selves," see new possibilities that have been right in front of us all the time, and make conscious choices to manifest our greatest potential, instead of our greatest fears. And that's the point.

Whenever we feel frustrated, disrespected, misunderstood, disconnected, etc., our subconscious minds are self-defeating. Our "point of v-you" is the key to unlocking our own subconscious pattern of self-defeating-decision-making.  It shows us exactly how we get in our own way and how to get out of our own way.  And, this is actually the possibility we're most driven to bring to the world.  When we show up and bring our talents, skills, experience and leadership, to manifest this possibility for ourselves and others, we can make a difference.

My point of v-you offers the possibility to "get over our (self-defeating) selves" and realize our greatest value and full potential.  What does yours offer?