To be, or to do to be? That is the question.


Here's a pearl from one of today's sessions:

To be, or to do to be?  That is the question.
To get to be, or to have to do to be ... enough, loved, worthy, accepted, valued, respected, helpful?

We are do-ers.  We get stuff done!  We are there for our family and friends and clients.  And we can never do enough.  As always, there are both diminished and undiminished aspects of our doing.  Our feeling of not doing enough stems from the deeper not being enough.  We really notice this diminished state of being when we feel helpless ... because there's nothing we can do.  From this diminished state of being, we numb the pain of feeling helpless by doing anyway ... anything and everything we can ... and end up exhausted.  And from this place of exhaustion, all we can do is be ... exhausted.  

What if we started with being?  What if being is enough?  What if being is our greatest value?  Being present.  Being connected.  Being compassionate.  Being at peace.  What if we let being be effortless ... and let doing rise up from this state of grace?  Of love.  Undiminshed.

To be, or to do to be.  Both choices lead to "being" ... one because we "be" there, and the other because we exhaust ourselves to the point we get there.  Which route will we choose today?