What's the Point of YOUR Resistance?

Women's March, Portland, Oregon, January 21, 2017

Women's March, Portland, Oregon, January 21, 2017

Yesterday morning, I listened to 15 minutes of NPR coverage and struggled not to break down in tears. 4 hours and two clients later I still was trembling. My email inbox was filled with petitions to sign, requests for money, calls to make calls, invitations to write letters, pleas to show up and protest, and fear-filled outcries for help.  With most of my days spent in session with clients, I'm struggling to keep up with it all ... and feeling guilty, inadequate and diminished for not doing all that's being asked of me.

It's difficult to feel this vulnerable and still choose not to give in to "being" powerless.  To choose not to allow my diminished state of being to cloud my view of the possibilities right in front of me, today, right now. To choose vulnerable self respect and redirect the energy of fear and anger toward creating new possibilities for connectedness, rather then deepening the chasms of division.  And to step up and connect and "be revolutionary, with new possibility" to make a difference. 

While my subconscious (diminished) state-of-being cries:  "Who do you think you are?  What do you have to say of any value?" ...  my conscious (undiminished) state-of-being is now replying: "What are you waiting for?  Get over yourself.  It's not about you. The possibility you see and bring has never been more relevant and more needed than right now.  Step up!"  

YES, I will make the phone calls I can make.  YES, I will give the money I can give.  YES, I will keep saying "NO!" to discrimination and hate.  And, this is only the beginning. Clearly, the rules of engagement have changed.  I need, and get, to step up with creativity, commitment and courage, to get out of this painful status quo, by connecting and co-conspiring to bring forth (and help others bring forth) revolutionary new ways for meeting today's challenges ... and so do you. 

One of the amazing women I get to work with, Heather Wheeler, stands for all of us to "bloom with nature." We had a session this week to work on her new website.  Her message of "reintegrating human nature" is powerful.  "Humans have forgotten ... we are a part of nature. Nature will survive without us. We will not survive without nature."  One of the pillars of her work is reconnecting our lives with the guiding principles of an old growth forest, and one of these principles is related to disturbances — like fire. Yes, wildfires are destructive.  At the same time, Heather's Point of You reminds us that fires are a natural part of a growing and evolving forest, and they do make room for tremendous new growth.   

The events we're experiencing in this country feel to me like a devastating, out-of-control wildfire.  I realize for others it may feel like a controlled burn.  Either way, we do need to make every effort to put out the fire.  And, what I most want for all of us to see and embrace is, we also need (get!) to be defining and manifesting what can and will grow up in place of what is being burned.  That, I am owning more fully, is up to each and every one of us, not just those we've elected to represent us. 

What opportunities will the current "destruction" give rise to?  In my view, it depends upon whether we get caught in the status quo fight of "us" against "them," or we choose to undiminish, show up, connect and co-conspire to develop and deliver the possibilities we stand for and are driven to create.  The game has changed.  And this change brings both opportunity and responsibility to step up and lead our life's revolutions.

I also had a powerful session this week, with an extraordinary young man, who's Point of You phrase is "separate yourself."  Diminished = disconnecting from self and others.  Undiminished = separating yourself from (getting outside of) the status quo fight of extremes, with new thinking that bridges and connects the core desires of extreme perspectives in new ways.  Is this a little daunting for him?  Yes.  Does he have what it takes to be able to do this?  Absolutely!  Will it take courage, trial, error and resilience?  Yep.  And what better way to "resist" what's happening today, than to speak a less polarizing, more unifying, alternative voice.  What better time than now?  

Today, so many of us are asking ourselves "how can I be part of the resistance?"  "What can I do to make a difference?!?"  What I have uncovered in my life's work is: what we each stand for in our lives, what we each seek in our lives, and what we each deny ourselves (and others) in our lives, is the same thing — a possibility I call the Point of You.  In my worldview, your life's revolution is to liberate the Point of You, by embodying this possibility yourself (first) and then modelling and sharing it with others.  We can't all be all places at once.  We can resist powerlessness by staying focused on the Point of You and stepping up in bigger ways. 

Today, right here and now, I'm putting myself out there more openly, to inspire (y)our resistance, with revolutionary new possibility.  My hope is, individually and collectively, we will choose to "be" and manifest, from the ashes of this firestorm, the love and beauty we want to see in this world ... starting in our own lives and communities. 

Join my revolution, and let's co-conspire to bring your revolution.

Spread the word!  Do you know people who are inspired to get involved and are missing their Point?  Please pass along this post and introduce us!  I'm happy to have a conversation and provide a taste of liberation.  Text, email, Facebook ... however you choose, I look forward to connecting!

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Thank you!