First Steps and Vulnerable Self Respect


About a month ago, one of my clients, Troy Ismir, asked if I'd be a guest on his podcast, to which I immediately replied "sure!" When he emailed me to follow up, (I later realized) I put off committing. This possibility felt exciting, humbling and terrifying, in that order, and I'd gotten temporarily stuck in the terrifying part.  It's one thing to learn, use and share somebody else's work. It's quite another to develop and put our own work out there — especially when it asks people to think about themselves and possibilities in a fairly provocative new way.  

For the past 4 years, I've been diving deep into the process of learning what my work actually is and developing a language that delivers and describes it in a relatable and empowering way. It's been, and continues to be, a journey of exploration into new territory, falling down (sometimes hard) and being willing to get back up, keep learning and keep going. Last year, I started getting the clarity, positive feedback and confidence I'd been seeking, and feeling a stronger pull to begin putting myself and my work out more broadly. This podcast interview with Troy opened the door for me to take that first step.  

“I’m afraid, but I’m not more afraid than I am willing.”
~Annie Cattabriga-Alosa

As you'll hear, Troy and I both had a lot of fun recording the podcast two weeks ago, and it went live on iTunes last week (embedded below). It's easy to be critical of my "ums" and "ya knows" and other idiosyncratic speech patterns. And yet, with vulnerable self respect here, I am proud of (and grateful for) this interview! It's a first step, and that, in-and-of-itself, makes it great! It also has given me the chance to see exactly where I am (strengths and weaknesses) and to identify specific ways I can "undiminish" in this next phase of expansion.  And, it could make a difference for someone out there, exactly as is.    

Firsts that truly challenge and empower us to grow are exciting and scary. When faced with a similar challenge a few years ago, client/friend Annie Cattabriga-Alosa, said: "I'm afraid, but I'm not more afraid than I am willing." I LOVE this! When we're willing to show up with vulnerable self respect to create a new possibility, both for ourselves and others, I believe we always will make a positive difference in one way or another.  And what better time for first steps, that allow us to expand and grow, than springtime!  

I would greatly appreciate your feedback about the content, in particular. Does it resonate? Do you have questions? Do you have suggestions? If we haven't already worked together, are you curious and/or interested? Would you share it with others? Why or why not?  Please let me know. Thank you!  xo~Kim