A Year of Undiminishing and a New Map


THE POINT:  It has been a year since my last blog post. A confession, of sorts, to be sure. During that time, in addition to co-conspiring with others to design their lives and businesses, I have been taking my own advice to "undiminish" in my life and business, too. This post is kind of a "highlights reel" of significant moments of this journey. By reviewing the year in this way, I've gotten to see how lots of seemingly little steps actually have added up to good progress. Whether my journey mirrors back to you your strengths or challenges, or your own progress or possibility in-the-works, I hope it inspires you to bring more of your love to life! Our world certainly needs as much love as we can bring, now as much as ever. 

In late Spring, a year ago, I became present to a way in which I'd been choosing (unknowingly, of course) to be a martyr in my life. Ouch. This awareness helped me to shift my attitude and invite new possibilities, in both my personal and professional life  — from belonging in family and being in community, to getting to ask for help, being supported and taking my work to a higher level. The following highlights show how this attitude shift has influenced my business development over the last year, culminating with the first release (here) of a new "visual map" for the journey of "liberating the point of you" and "bringing your love to life." 

SUMMER: the season of "expansion"
Last summer (2017) I Invited client-friends to join me for a day at the beach, which also was my first photo shoot for my own business. This was even a bigger deal, because I let myself be photographed being the dancer I had been denying for 30 years that I am. (Note: I was a professional ballet dancer, and gave up my career in my early twenties due to a repetitive back injury.) Several of the photos from this day now represent me and my work on my website. BIG THANKS to Amy DailedaTracy KoslickiHeather Wheeler, Serra Hadsell and your families for a fun play day .... and an extra shout out to Serra for helping me to "get in the picture" in my own life and business (yep, that's her Point of You)

In late summer, I applied for trademark of my "R|LOVE|ution" logo (as it's written on the legal documents). Nine months later, at the beginning of June, the official registration papers arrived. YAY! Have to admit, I love seeing the word "rEVOLution" (with "LOVE" highlighted in it) just under the banner of "United States of America." It seems the federal government took an interest in this, too. Just before the mark posted for final "public review," LinkedIn informed me that my profile had shown up in seemingly simultaneous searches by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Postal Service and the U.S. Coast Guard.  Think maybe I'm on their watch list now?  


FALL: the season of "realization"
Last Fall (2017) I started playing a little with Instagram as a platform for sharing insights and inspirations and pearls of wisdom from daily client sessions (now also shared on the Living It page of my website). If you scroll through, you'll see my trials and errors exploring visual ways to share what it means to "liberate the point of you" and "bring your love to life." If you've worked with me, you'll see that I'm slowly but surely bringing more of "me" into the posts ... just like I'm always suggesting we all do. Yep, living it! Guess which ones are most liked!

Also last fall, I began reaching out to clients to ask if you would share your Point of You stories on my website (now live on the Our Love Matters page). These stories share personal experiences of working with the Point of You, to get out of our own way and create the possibilities we most desire in our lives and businesses. If you haven't read them yet, I hope you will! BIG THANKS to Amy Daileda, Heather Wheeler, Serra Hadsell, Troy Ismir, Eve Bernfeld, Annie Cattabriga-Alosa, David Davidson, Aziza North, Kathryn Hefner, Carter Cox and Cheryl Greathouse for saying "yes!" and responding so quickly. By sharing, you give others a chance to see themselves in your stories and be inspired to lead lives they love, that bring their love to life, too! For those of you who haven't responded yet, it's never too late!  Share your story here (PW: yourlovematters). 


In late Fall I travelled to Jackson, WY, for the sole purpose of being in community with an extraordinary group of client-friends who all live and work there. The highlight was a brunch, where women who have worked with me shared their personal experiences using the Point of You — becoming aware of their own "resist-stance" and shifting their attitude and energy to "realize" new possibilities in their lives and businesses. This was my first experience "just being" in a community of women who came together because of the possibility I stand for, and it was both magical and humbling. These women, many of whom know each other very well, got the chance to know and respect each other on an even more deeply authentic level, and the LOVE in the room that day was palpable in a way many of us said we'd never experienced before. BIG THANK YOUs to Kate Brennan, Carter Cox, Hannah Hardaway, Lyndsay Rowan McCandless, and Francesca Weikert for sharing your stories and modeling the possibilities you stand for with with such bold grace ... and EXTRA BIG THANK YOUs to Josi Stephens and Sofia Lindroth for sharing your stories and hosting me and this brunch in your home. 


WINTER: the season of "transformation"
Throughout last Winter and into this Spring (2017-18) my primary focus was on figuring out how to communicate and share my work more broadly. In early Spring I submitted my "idea worth spreading" at the TEDx Portland Community Ideas Booth. Admittedly, I struggled for the entire four-week submission period to figure out "the point" for this audience. "Diminished me" offered plenty of justifications for giving up. Although my talk wasn't selected this year, "just" challenging myself and actually showing up to express my idea to this audience (in only 90 seconds!) was an extremely valuable exercise and a big personal win. And ... it gave me the courage to reach out to the "chief curator" of the event and ask to meet for coffee (in the works). There's always next year! 


SPRING: the season of "emergence"
The TEDx challenge also nudged me  along in my effort to communicate, more specifically, the inherent structure in the work we all do together ... and what, exactly, it means to liberate the point of you and bring your love to life. The result is a new visual map that, I hope, will help all of us — whether already doing this work or just beginning to explore it — to better understand how to walk this path and be more empowered and intentional in doing it. 
Here's a brief intro (with images below): 

At the center is the POINT OF YOU — your "how" at every step of your work. 

STEP 1 - SELF-AWARENESS: the Point of You reveals the possibility we resist and deny ourselves. With this new awareness we SHIFT our ATTITUDE and (re)claim our SOVEREIGNTY. 

STEP 2 - SELF-EXPRESSION: the Point of you reveals the possibility we seek. With new found sovereignty, we SHIFT our ENERGY and bring this possibility in PARTNERSHIP, instead.

STEP 3 - SELF-REALIZATION: the Point of you reveals the possibility we stand for. With sovereignty and empowered partnerships, we SHIFT our DIRECTION and step up into our LEADERSHIP, by living and modeling the possibility we stand for, in community. 

Going forward, I plan to share real life stories (here and on a variety of social media platforms) that demonstrate how we can use this transformative approach in all aspects of business and life design. 

blogpost MAP.jpeg


SUMMER: the season of "expansion"
In closing, this summer, I'm putting myself out there in ways that felt impossible last summer, and I'm co-conspiring in bigger ways than I've allowed myself before. I attended the 8th Annual World Domination Summit, with a thousand other passionate purpose-seekers and change-makers, who are "committed to living remarkable lives in a conventional world." (More to share, separately). And ... I've just started co-conspiring with writer/editor Sarah Hackley to help me bring my first book to life and with visionary strategic-marketing powerhouse Melissa Kunde to help me scale up. 

Eight years ago this month, I was a day or two away from dying due to complications related to anorexia. Since then, each year, I've been learning how to allow myself pretty basic possibilities ... from the right to exist and be nourished and be loved, to being valued, having space, being seen and getting to belong in community. It's been quite a come-back, if I do say so myself, and this year has been quite a year. I'm excited (and a little terrified) about the BIG possibilities I can see on the horizon. My hope is that you get to feel this way in your life, too ... and that, in some way, my work and my story help to inspire you to keep exploring new possibilities to bring more and more of your love to life! xo