Design|Lead Your Business|Life

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I believe what most defines your life is who you allow (and don't allow) yourself to be — your state of "being."  Whether your energy is focused on bringing your skills and talents to the world to support yourself financially, manifesting personal goals or being in partnership, the underlying "life work" you always are doing is exactly the same: 1) putting yourself, and the possibilities you see, out into the world in new ways, 2) bumping into and becoming aware of your vulnerabilities and the ways you unknowingly disrespect, disconnect and limit yourself; and 3) consciously choosing to get over your "self-denial," by manifesting the Point of You — your love — for yourself and others. 

I believe our life journey — our life's revolution — is to liberate our Point of You and give ourselves the chance to be “undimninished” and bring and experience all that we are capable of ... and in so "being," share our love with others, to make a positive difference in the world. 

Get to the Point ... and Stay On Point

As soon as you uncover the Point of You, the reason you've chosen the path you have, and the reason it's taken you to where you are (both fulfilling and not so much), become more clear. It won't surprise you, but you will understand yourself in a way you haven't before—much like when you first looked at the famous image, that is both a glamorous young women looking away and an older women in profile, and suddenly could see both.

The way you see yourself (consciously and subconsciously) determines what you consider possible for yourself and, therefore, what you choose to manifest in your business and life.  Designing | Leading your Business| Life is a process of identifying and owning what "nourishment" you most crave in your life today, and then exploring what new possibilities exist right in front of you already, if you're willing to "get over your self denial" and see them. Week by week, you'll become more aware of how "diminished you" feels, when "diminished you" shows up, and how "diminished you" acts, and learn how to undiminish your state-of-being to make more respectful and fulfilling business and life choices.

Whether you work in the corporate world, or for a non-profit, or you have your own business, or want to, the Point of You is why you do what you do. It shows you your way and measures your progress. The Point of You is the ultimate purpose of every proposal you make and every choice you make. If you are designing and leading your own business, for example:

  • It defines a brand that stands out with a clear, bold message.

  • It helps you identify and serve your core tribe.

  • It leads you to innovative and rewarding product/service, pricing, distribution, sales and promotion strategies.

  • It focuses your attention on making a difference today, with the knowledge and resources you have, and building from there.

  • It guides you to stay focused on your own greatest value and to know when to seek help.

  • It keeps you on track by "getting to" rather than "having to."

  • And, when you inevitably get stuck, it shows you how you're limiting your potential and how to get out of your own way.

The process starts with identifying the "nourishment" you most need/desire today. For some that nourishment might be more clients or product sales, or more projects that allow you to bring all you've got, or support with all you're needing to do, or increased revenue without working more hours; and for others it might be finding time for life outside of work, or finding community, or just figuring out how to package and present the possibility you "be."  Whatever nourishment you seek, we can co-conspire to design your business and life to manifest it for your, using the Point of You as our guiding light.

Let's Co-Conspire

First Session — Liberate the Point of You
Introductory call (1 hour) and 1:1 session (2 hours) - $300

Additional Sessions Bring Your Love to Life
Corporate Professional Leadership Sessions - $150/hour
Individual - Biz|Life Design & Leadership Sessions
1x session - $125/hour
6+ hours - $100/hour (minimum 2 hours per month for 3 months)
12+ hours - $75/hour (minimum 4 hours per month for 3 months)
Seasonal (4x/year) - $200/2 hours each
Winter Focus = Transformation
Spring Focus = Emergence
Summer Focus = Expansion
Fall Focus = Realization

Exploratory conversations are welcomed! Contact me to schedule.  

If this work speaks to you and these rates feel out of reach, please contact me anyway.  I'm always happy to explore win-win possibilities to Bring Our Love to Life. Let's connect!