There's a possibility you inherently stand for. 
There's a possibility you most desire. 
And there's a possibility you instinctively resist and unknowingly deny yourself.

What you don't (yet) realize is,
these three possibilities are exactly the same.

I call this possibility the Point of You.

When you liberate the Point of You (your love) from your own resistance,
you allow yourself to be all you are,
to lead the life you most desire,
and to make the difference you want to make.

Liberate the Point of You. Bring Your Love to Life.™ 

the Point of You


When we liberate the point of you, you see with great clarity why you do what you do (and don't), and the possibility you stand for—the love you bring to the world—because of who you are.

You realize that this possibility is all about you (first) and (then) not about you at all ... that it does matter and you do have what it takes to bring it to life. 

And while you may not always see exactly where the path of this possibility is leading you, you quickly learn to recognize when you are on it, when you've lost it and how to find it again.

Vulnerable Self Respect


Whenever we struggle or feel friction, we are denying ourselves the possibility—the love— of our own Point of You, and we are experiencing our diminished state of being. We are fighting for what we most desire and fighting against being denied, and we believe the source of this denial is outside of us. It isn't, really. Others' actions are triggering our own feelings of vulnerability and self denial. The "fight" is within ourselves.

By practicing vulnerable self respect, we release the grip of our own resistance and self denial, learn to allow ourselves the possibility of our own Point of You, and shift to an undiminished state of being.


New Possibility


When we undiminish our state of being, our context for seeing possibility expands and our language shifts. We go from saying "I can't just do that," to "How can I do that?" We stop saying "If only I had this, then I could do that," and start asking ourselves "What step can I take now with what I already have?" And instead of saying, "I'm supposed to do it this way" or "I should do that," we start listening to the voice that says "I can do it my way.

This consciousness shift allows us to connect with "new" possibility for ourselves, that actually has been right in front of us all along, and inspires us to invite others to this possibility, with us. 

Let's Co-Conspire!

I work with creative purpose seekers and change-makers, to design lives and businesses that bring our love to life. 

I stand for each of us to manifest the fullest expression and value of our one-of-a-kind existence, by getting over our own self-denial and connecting with "new" possibility. 

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If you're willing to bust through your own resistance, to lead the life you most desire, let's connect and co-conspire!

Kimberly Dawson, Co-Conspirator

"There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
~Nelson Mandela